Schema for business with multiple locations – grab your free Google window space!

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How would you like to grab some extra Google window space for your business – ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Today I will reveal how to use to optimize for multiple locations and explode website visits for each city you operate in. If you liked my blog on essential schema every website should have, you’ll love this!

Warning! Few websites use this secret SEO technique for multiple locations, which makes it a powerful marketing weapon and an absolute no-brainer for your website.

Schema for business with multiple locations

The complicated looking Schema markup below tells Google how your business and business addresses are related to one another and specifies the hierarchy. This avoids confusion surrounding different branches and head offices with the same business name and can massively improve your visibility in Google search. You can use it to specify:

  1. Which business address is your main office or HQ
  2. Which locations are individual sub offices/ shops or franchises (in Schema they are referred to as “branches”)
  3. The address, phone number, opening hours, services of each branch.

For illustration, we will invent a chain of health spas called the “Mandarin Duck”.

Schema to referencing your branches

Use the Schema below on head office web pages when you want to reference child branches (shops/ sub-offices, etc).

Note I used “HealthAndBeautyBusiness” for the ItemType. To find a suitable ItemType for your business, use this spreadsheet (opens on Google Drive).

Schema to referencing your HEAD OFFICE

Use the Schema below on branch pages to reference the head office (parent organization).


What is is a markup language that highlights to search engines in a clear and structured way, what your site is about, what you do, and even how your branches are related to one another.

With a clearer picture of what you do, search engines better index your website, showing additional information such as business addresses, reviews, prices, dates and even events dates – an excellent way of grabbing extra Google window space – FOR FREE!

Websites use Schema markup to stand out against competitors in search – which can sky rocket your click-through rate.

What is a multiple location business?

A multiple location business is a company with branches, offices or shops in more than one location. Any chain of hotels or restaurants would qualify as a multiple location business.

Do I already have on my website

With no technical knowledge, plug your homepage URL into Google’s Structured Data Tool. The results tell you if your webpage has Schema (green is correct Schema, red signifies with errors – contact us to fix your schema errors).

Grab your free Google window space today

Show me a business that doesn’t want tons of extra site visits? Adding multi location Schema to your website is a no-brainer and you’d be crazy to miss out.

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