How to choose a great domain name

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Your domain name is a fundamental part of your branding and will also influence your SEO. It is how thousands of customers will find you online.

Your choice of domain name depends on if you already have a company name or not.

Choosing a domain when you already have a company name

If you already have a business, and the domain name is available, you should choose your company name – customers are already familiar with the name and it will make it easy to find you.

Choosing a domain when your already have a company name but the .COM has been taken

If you already have a business, and the .COM domain name has been bought by someone else, you have 3 options:

  1. Contact the domain owner (run a whois to get their details) and see if they are willing to sell.
  2. Choose an alternative domain extension such as .CO, .NET or .ORG
  3. Choose a different domain name starting from scratch (see below)

Choosing a domain from scratch

If your business is new or your company name has been taken, here are 4 tips for choosing a great domain name:

  1. Choose a short and memorable domain name (1 or 2 words without hyphens or underscores).
  2. Ensure your domain name is easy to read, write and understand in your target markets.
  3. Include a keyword if possible. This will help with help customers find you in search and has SEO benefits.
  4. Ensure all domain extensions are available. So if you are targeting England and Italy, make sure that the .CO.UK, .IT and .COM domains are all available. This helps customers find you and re-enforces your branding.

Errors to avoid when picking your domain

  • Avoid numbers and funny symbols like hyphens and underscore – they are difficult to remember and considered spam.
  • Does your domain name have an unintended meaning in other languages?

Get an expert opinion

Choosing the right domain name helps customers find you. Our experienced, international team will guide you to the right choices quickly and efficiently so you can get on with running your business.

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