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We produce high definition videos ideal for internet and TV, taking care of everything from script, location, set and filming to editing and post production.

4k video production

  • Videos for web & social media in 4k and UHD
  • TV ads and promotional video
  • Corporate videos
  • Filming at special events and exhibitions
  • Time lapse video
  • Underwater filming and photography (French Riviera only)
  • Drone aerial videos

Did you know… video is so popular that there are more searches from within YouTube than on Google.

Benefit from our experience

  • Filming with HD equipment and lighting.
  • Professional editing – graphics, video correction, stabilizing, acoustics
  • Our camera operators work have worked with SKY and RAI

Time-lapse filming

Time-lapse can be a great way to show a process evolving over time, or add extra flare to your video.

More information

What types of video can you produce?

We cover most scenarios, including corporate filming, documentaries, time-lapse, advertisements and events. We even do drone aerial photography, and underwater shooting with a renowned underwater camera operator.

Are your videos suitable for YouTube Vimeo?

Yes. All of our videos can be uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo and other social networks. We can also produce video campaigns designed specifically for Youtube, FaceBook, Instagram and Twitter.

I already have a video, can you do the editing?


Why is video production so popular?

People love video. Statistics predict that video will account for 79% of web traffic in the coming years.

Video is a great way to connect to your target audience. They help cultivate client trust and convey a message that simply cannot be done with photos and writing alone.

Commission your own drone aerial videos and photography

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Meet the Team

Mike, web developer, SEO
Web developer, SEO expert
Fede - content writer, marketing, social strategy
Content writer, marketing, social
Lara - Photography and video
Photography, video