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    We use Search Engine optimization (SEO) to help websites climb naturally to the top of search engine rankings such as Google. From a business point of view, website optimization is hugely popular as it greatly increases website traffic and helps to grow your client base.

    Search engine optimization - get to the top of search

    The benefits for your business

    • Get to the top of search results
    • Improved click-through rate from Google search results.
    • More website visitors.
    • More website contacts and sales.
    • Realize your website’s potential.

    Why work with us?

    • We are SEO experts
    • We have a team of mothertongue translators
    • Maximize your visibility anywhere in the world
    • Proven results
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    More information

    What is SEO?

    Short for search engine optimization, SEO is the process of maximizing the number of visits tro a website by getting the best positions in search engine result pages.

    It is a general term to describe a range of techniques all used to increase website traffic from search engines.
    These techniques include key word analysis, on-page optimization, off-page optimization, keyword analysis, content writing and link building.

    Is my website optimized?

    Contact us for a free SEO checkup. We will outline where you can improve and provide a free, non-committal quote.

    How long before I start to see the benefits of website optimization?

    Results can show up within a few days, though generally you can expect to see concrete results after 6 months.

    Content writing can be immensely lucrative

    High quality, original content writing is the most effective way to increase website visitors without resorting to paid advertising such as Adwords. Find out more

    Find out how we exploded our website visits 170% in 5 months


    (Owner Juicing for Health)

    2 million monthly visitors
    1.1 million Facebook followers

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    Our clients love the work we produce...

    Quick, efficient and a better job than I imagined! I cannot recommend Jeyjoo enough.
    Ali Jawad, British Powerlifter

    Within just a few months we gained an excellent search engine positioning for our chosen keywords.
    Roberto Ricco – Afi Esca

    Our site is contemporary, clean and clear – everyone wants to know who made it.
    Raphael Baglione – Door to Innovation

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