Professional product photography for eCommerce

Professional product photography for eCommerce

Great product photos evoke trust, inspire and increase sales

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Examples of professional product photography for eCommerce

Product photography

  • High resolution images
  • Photoshop and Lightroom editing
  • Transparent, white, coloured or picture backgrounds
  • Single shots, product arrangements or pack shots
  • Rotating images and animated gifs
  • Web optimized images for fast page loading

Earn client trust with professional product photos

To sell your products online you need to convey professionalism and earn client trust. If clients trust your website, they are more likely to buy from you. High quality product photography goes a long way to inspiring that trust.

A photo session

Advice for preparing your products

Please help us to do the best job possible for you by following the advice below:

  • Send all products together. Once we set up our studio for your specific shoot, it is better we shoot all products together for a more consistent set of photos.
  • Choose the best products to photograph. The products you send us will be what your clients end up viewing online, and will reflect how they judge you. Ensure all products, packaging and labels are in perfect condition. It is will be a lot more effort to “Photoshop out” imperfections at a later date.
  • If your products have labels, ensure they have been put on straight and have no tears.
  • Ensure packaging is not damaged
  • If you have a product in different colours, please send all available colours – people have different tastes, so it is best that your website shows all available options – accommodating all tastes is a simple but effective way to widen your client base.

Thank you!

Further information

Products we photograph

We can photograph most types of product in our professional lighting studio. The maximum size of products photographed is approximately 90cm x 90xm x 90cm. Anything larger will be taken on location or your premises.

I want you to take my photos, how does it work?

Getting started
You will need to prepare all your products, props (if required), and a list of any specific shot requests you may have. We will call by and pick them up or arrange for our courier to call by.

The shooting
We will try to get the shoot done in one day, depending ot he number of products.

Editing and Post Production
Post production can take anything from 4 days to two weeks. We will try and return the products within 48 hours.

When will you receive your photos
We will send the final images on a CD, memory stick or Dropbox. If required we can also add the photos directly onto your website. This is a popular option as we are eCommerce experts – and know exactly where to add your images, how to optimize images so that your website loads quickly and how to make your photos Google friendly.

Can you do photo editing?

Yes. We use Photoshop e Lightroom to remove blemished and get highest possible quality of photo.

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