Professional Content Writing

High quality, original content writing is the most effective way to increase website visitors without resorting to paid advertising such as Adwords.

Increase website visits

Become go to website for leading information in your sector

High quality articles and guides

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Proven results

The goal of your content writing

Your customer just Googled - did your website provide the answer?

The aim of your content strategy is make your website become THE ONLINE AUTHORITY for industry and product information. Your website must cover everything anybody would want to know about your products - common questions, answers, services, product guides, tips and latest news.

As your website grows in content to become the fountain of knowledge, people will clamour to mention and share your pages with their followers, you will earn referrals from other websites and search engines rank you favourably.

How content writing brings more visitors to your site

Effective, well-written content will greatly increase visitors to your website, bringing in new visitors to your website in 3 main ways:

1. More visitors from Google search

Search engines have become very good at judging the quality of websites content and ranking it. If your website has the best answer to a question, then Google will send visitors to your site whenever internet users ask that or a similar question.

Crucially, if users spend time reading your content, Google will see this as a MAJOR POSITIVE SIGN that you know what you are talking about, and index your website for a broader range of search terms.

Conclusion: the more high quality,unique content: the more visitors you can expect.

2. You will receive more social shares

Interesting, original content gets more shares on social networks, further increasing your visibility.

3. More website referrals

If you have exceptional content, OTHER WEBSITES WILL WANT TO LINK TO YOUR CONTENT.

Industry leading content will even get you referrals from high traffic news sites. This can spike your website traffic through the roof.

Professional content writing services

  • Multilingual in-house content writing in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese, Russian and Thai.
  • We'll work with you to create the best content on the web for your niche - product guides, how-tos, question & answer sections, infographics, interviews and story telling.
  • Articles scheduled daily, weekly or monthly
  • Together we will make your website the main point of reference within your niche.


Do you have proven results of successful content strategy?

Yes. Here are some analysis showing the success of content writing. You will be able to monitor the success of your content strategy in real-time through Google Analytics.

How long does it take for content writing to produce results?

From our experience, established websites can have results within a few weeks. However your content strategy should always be long term, and major results begin to show after 6 months.

There are no shortcuts in content writing. Successful websites of the future will be built up over time.

In what areas do you specialize?

Content writers must be experts in their field to succeed. We have writers specialized in:

  • Content writing for the financial services sector - savings, investment, insurance, mortgages and loans.
  • Content writing for real estate.
  • Content writing for yachting - sailing, brokerage, hire.
  • Content writing for tourism - travel, hotels, recreation and area guides.
  • Content writing for natural health, fitness, beauty and cosmetics industries.

Should I invest in content writing or Adwords?

After the initial investment, content writing will boost your website towards the top of search rankings and you can stay there years if done properly - depending on the strength of your online competition.

PPC adverts like Google Adwords require daily expenditure. If you are in a competitive sector (try Googling "Monaco real estate"), you will notice all the top positions are filled with paid advertising. The average internet user will not scroll down below these paid ads. So in a competitive sector, Adwords should also be an important part of your online marketing strategy, and work in tandem with your content writing.

Is content writing part of SEO?

Yes. Content writing is probably the most important part of SEO (search engine optimization) strategy.