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Juicing for Health, Canada

Project overview

We were asked to rebuild and optimize the high traffic health & lifestyle blog Juicing for Health. The website gets up to 400,000 visits a day, therefore needed to be very fast loading and resource efficient. It also needed migrating over to a higher performance dedicated server to handle the traffic spikes.

High traffic visits health and lifestyle blog

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How we rebuilt a quicker, more efficient website

The website design

This popular lifestyle website has been around for years and had amassed in excess of 1,200 articles. Viral social posts regularly attract hundreds of thousands of visitors to the site within a few hours. Consequently, a key goal of the redevelopment was to ensure the new website could handle such large traffic spiked caused by viral posts on social media (the last thing you want is your website to go down during peak traffic times – your moment of glory).

An old WordPress website can accumulate huge amounts of left over files, unused plugins and an enormous database. All of which slow the site down and cause problems, that can be magnified and show their ugly face during peal traffic times. This in mind, we elected to rebuild the website from scratch with a fresh WordPress install, clean template, and far fewer plugins. We halved the amount of code needed for each page, and made the website faster loading and less resource dependent. This puts far less strain on the server at peak times.

The actual website graphics are fairly simple, and the site has a classic blog layout.

Content Strategy and SEO

We restructured the entire site into intuitive and user friendly subsections to help readers find quickly what they are looking for (necessary when you have 1,200+ posts to browse). Important articles with high potential search engine traffic were rewritten and optimized to attract even more hits.

Website features

  • Customized WordPress theme.
  • Theme stripped down to a minimum for faster loading pages.
  • Migration to a high performing dedicated server capable of handling large amounts of website traffic.
  • Website uses fewer resources
  • Easy to maintain and update
  • Responsive design for easy navigation on PC, tablet and smartphone.

Software and technical details

  • Website software: WordPress.
  • Plugins used: YoastSEO to help optimize the website and increase website visitors, Widget Options, Widgets Extended for better blog integration throughout the site.
  • Programming languages used: PHP, HTML5, SCSS, Javascript, JQuery.

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