Website design for luxury products – Fossil Wood, Trentino, Italy

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Fossil Design, Trentino

Project overview

We were asked to build a new multilingual website for a luxury product. Fossil Design design and produce unique pieces of luxury furniture from fossilized wood – often 120 million years old.

Website design for luxury products

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How to create a successful website for the luxury market

Luxury web design

A smooth design that oozes class and exclusivity is essential. We went for dark grey (almost black) and gold colour scheme.

We aimed to create a portfolio website that showcases the products in their best light. Users can quickly find the furniture they want and browse through the images.

Luxury marketing and SEO

There are three points to consider with exclusive items such as fossil wood furniture:

  1. Marketing to the luxury sector needs a different approach to regular website marketing. Agents often act as buyers rather than the end client.
  2. The products are almost unknown, so few people are actually searching for them online.
  3. High-end luxury markets often works on word of mouth and recommendations.

To maximize website visits, we created lots of unique and informative content that covers a broad range of fossil wood arguments. We aimed to write content that is so useful and informative, that it naturally attracts link backs and referrals from other websites as well as attracting the little search traffic that is available in a relatively unknown market.

Website features

  • Multi-language website in Italian and English
  • Customized website design studies for the luxury sector
  • Portfolio to showcase the products.
  • Easy to maintain and update
  • Responsive design for easy navigation on PC, tablet and smartphone.

Software and technical details

  • Website software: Joomla multilingual website.
  • Plugins used: Gantry5, SH404SEF to help optimise the website and increase visitors from search.
  • Programming languages used: PHP, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, JQuery.

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