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Multilingual SEO is essential for any business wishing to attract new clients from abroad and achieve international growth. We bring years of experience and proven results in international website optimization – view our portfolio

Multilingual SEO - get more clients abroad

Grow your business abroad

  • International SEO consultancy
  • Website restructuring to maximize international visibility
  • Translations by mother tongue SEO experts
  • Website optimization for foreign markets
  • English, French, Italian, Spanish and German writers

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Further information

What is multilingual SEO?

Multilingual SEO is simply the search engine optimization of a website that is in more than one language.

This involves optimizing a website to rank well in search engine listings for more than one language and often in more than one country or market. It requires mother tongue speakers and knowledge of the target market and local culture.

What are the benefits of multilingual SEO?

Multilingual SEO is essential for any business looking to grow their client base in international markets.

What does multilingual SEO involve?

Multilingual SEO involves most aspects of conventional website optimization plus:

  • Website(s) restructuring to reflect the international aims of the business. We implement best practice solutions to difficult topics such as multiple domains, country-level domains and sub-domains.
  • Country and language-specific keyword analysis to highlight the most popular search terms in each market.
  • High class translations written by mother tongue SEOs specifically for your target language and market.
  • SEO techniques specific to cross border marketing – sitemaps to reflect your international website structure; canonical and hreflang tags to avoid duplicate content. Leaving no stone un-turned, we even pay attention to lesser known country-specific language tags (such as en-GB and en-US to target the UK or the USA).

Translating a website with Google translator will not achieve success abroad, as the translation is not search friendly, and will lack the marketing strategy and subtlety of a well crafted international SEO program.

Are you experienced in multi language websites?

Yes. Most of the websites in our portfolio are multilingual. We work mainly on English, French, Italian, German and Spanish language sites.

Do I need to consider search engines other than Google?

Yes. Businesses in the Riviera often want to target the Russian market, for which Yandex is the main search engine. Similarly, Baidu is the preferred choice in China.

Should I go multilingual and add a second language to my website?

You have gone to the time and effort to produce a great website, taking a little more time to open your business to other markets can be a great idea – though it is not to be taken lightly. Running a multi language website is time consuming and requires local knowledge of your target markets. Contact us for advice.

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Should I have a website for each country or just one big website?

It depends on your situation. Large multinational companies with local teams of people in each country tend to have a website for each country with its own country specific domain (, .fr, .it or .de etc.). Smaller companies will struggle to find the resources to manage so many websites and tend to opt for one big website (usually a .com). Contact us for advice.

French Riviera businesses that can really benefit from multilingual SEO

Our experience and expertise is suited to businesses in the following industries:

  • Yacht charter agencies targeting lucrative international markets.
  • Real estate companies selling villas abroad.
  • Hotel, restaurant and tourism businesses targetting international clientele.

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