Luxury Real Estate Web Design and Marketing

The French Riviera boasts some of the most sought after real estate in the world. Reaching prospective clients online is as lucrative as it is competitive. Jeyjoo specialize at building the websites and marketing solutions that you need to succeed.

Luxury Real Estate Web Design and Marketing in the Côte d'Azur

What we can do for you

  • Provide you high-end website for your real estate business
  • Maximize your website visitors from clients in the riviera and key countries such as the USA, the UK, Germany and Russia.
  • Increase website contacts through a carefully studied website design.
  • Spectacular interior, exterior and aerial photography; virtual video tours of the property. Find out more.

Why hire us?

House hunting - search for luxury villas begins online

Put simply - we are very good at getting websites to the top of Google!

Jeyjoo are vastly experienced in website optimization and specialized in multilingual markets - ideal for French Riviera Real Estate agencies.

We can optimize your website for every single town and property on your portfolio and in multiple languages, allowing your real estate website to gain maximum exposure online, increasing your chances of success.

Where we work

Jeyjoo work with real estate businesses across the French Riviera and Provence, including Monaco, Villefranche, Nice and Cannes.

Take the next step towards a successful online Real Estate business

Websites for real estate agencies in the Riviera

The next step is one of the simplest but most important that you can make for your business. Contact us for an appointment and an initial free consultation today.

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