Drone Aerial Videos in the French Riviera

We produce high definition aerial videos for business in Monaco and the French Riviera. We use drones mounted with HD GoPro® cameras to shoot professional aerial footage from both indoors and outdoors.

All work includes production and post production. Final film can be used for television, internet or any other form of advertising.

Advantages of aerial film with drones

Since their explosion in popularity, businesses are only just beginning to tap the endless possibilities that drones offer:

  • Filming by drone gives an exciting, unique and completely different perspective.
  • Drones are cheaper, quicker and more versatile alternative to filming with helicopters
  • Aerial photography is a great way to set your business apart in areas such as yachting, luxury real estate, tourism and sporting events. People love the different perspective and are drawn by what you have to offer.

Next frontier of Drone Aerial photography in the Riviera

Drone Aerial Photography for Luxury Riviera Real Estate

Drone Aerial Photography for Luxury Real Estate

Drones can offer 3d visual tours inside and outside of a luxury villa - a great way show off your portfolio and give a completely different perspective.

Drone Aerial Photography for French Riviera Hotels and Tourism

Drone Aerial Photography for Riviera Hotels and Tourism

Used effectively, drone aerial videos can attract more visitors to your hotel or event.

Drone Aerial Photography for sporting events and conventions

Drone Aerial Photography for sporting events and conventions

Aerial footage of business conventions and events is frequently used to generate publicity due to its sheer uniqueness, and endless possibilities.

Commission your own drone aerial videos and photography

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