New Logo Design Process - A Case Study

We often get approached by clients including individuals, Startups and existing companies to design or redesign their logo. As a design agency, this is a fun part of our work, but to a new graphic designer starting out, being responsable for a company image can seem a daunting task.

The logo design process can typically see anything from 15-100 logos get dumped in favour of the final version. And that is where this blog comes in... if there's one thing we don't like - it is waste! So we have decided to start putting all of the designs churned out from our logo design process online for your enjoyment, scrutiny, inspiration and (we hope) learning.

Logo Design Phase 1 - client discussion

Initially we chat with our clients to understand their business, their brand and tastes. It is essential at this stage to have a name, and concept so that we know what to aim for. It is also helpful to have an idea of the colour scheme, message you want to convey (friendliness, professionality, fun, contemporary etc.), and preferably examples of other logos that you are fond of.

Logo Design Phase 2 - research and initial draft logos

We will then set about designing example logos. The first drafts are low resolution and often done in one font to save time.

Below are examples that we produced for a the French-Italian Business Consultancy firm company Door To Innovation. We were looking for something young, energetic and contemporary whilst reflecting the professionality of the company. The colour green is associated with growth and a favourite of the client.

Phase 2 - 20-30 different logo designs based on client brief

Logo Design Phase 3 - client feedback and logo redesign

The logo design process will typically go through several iterations of Phases 1 and 2 above while we work with the client to develop a clearer idea of the logo genre and concept.

From the selection of logos above, a logo was selected showing 4 doors with one open. The abbreviation "DTI" (Door to Innovation) has been added to the closed doors, and the door shape has been spiced-up to give more movement to the logo.

A logo genre is selected and 10 new designs are produced

Logo Design Phase 4 - font selection

At this stage we are also ready to start playing with font styles. Typically a logo will use one or two different fonts. To save time we have also played around with slightly different colour schemes.

Testing the logo with different fonts and colours

Logo Design Phase 5 - final logo selection and reproduction as a high definition vector

After several more iterations, a final logo is produced, and created as a high definition vector. Creating a high definition master version of the logo allows us to blow up the logo to any size in case we need to use it on printed material, posters or large screens presentations etc.

The chosen logo, final version

Pro tips when creating a new logo

  • Keep it simple. Often the simplest logos work the best and will stand the test of time. Take Apple, Audi, Fedex, Mercedes, Nike and Sony as examples -all industry leading brands with simple, effective logos.
  • Work closely with your client on this one. Use a combination of your branding and design expertise to guide your client to their perfect logo.
  • Search the web for ideas. Googling a phrase like "inspirational logo design" and then clicking on "images" tab will unlock a world of logo inspiration!
  • Check how your logo works against different coloured background. If needs be, produce different version for dark background.
  • Make a high definition version of your logo in .png format available to easily download in the "media" or "press" area of your website. This will help press, website owners and bloggers who want to write about you.
Mike Fitzpatrick

Mike Fitzpatrick is the founder and web developer at Jeyjoo web design. He works with both individuals and companies to grow their businesses online.
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