We Helped this Company Dominate Google Search

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I want to share with you some of the outstanding results we are achieving for our clients every single day.

These figures are not one-offs!

They are the result of a carefully executed plan, and we are seeing them more and more frequently.

We Helped Kontak Dominate Google Search

Italian firm Kontak specialize in beehive products. Offline they are well-known with products widely available in pharmacies and health stores, but had few website visitor.

In 2015 we re-built their website and improve their online visibility.

The traffic has begun to rocket

By autumn 2016, the website was #1 on Google for 100+ different keyword search terms. We also got a number Featured Snippets (a dedicated box with photo right at the top of Google search – see below).

Dominate google search - featured snippets

Website traffic has increased dramatically and Kontak continue to dominate Google search for their industry. We estimate that about 90% of the online Italian market searching for products such as propolis will end up on their website.

Results we achieved for Kontak

  • Huge increase in website traffic.
  • #1 position on Google for over 100 different key words and phrases.
  • Google cites the website as the number one resource online for subjects such as propolis by providing dedicated Featured Snippets for the Kontak website at the top of search result pages.
  • The website is consistently positioned above sites like Wikipedia.

Kontak - experts in beehive products, dominate offline and now online

How did we do it

Established in the 1990s Kontak were already leaders in their field and successful offline.

Offline success can help catalyze online success.

Our task was to effectively translate their knowledge and expertise to the internet.

Here’s how we achieved this:

  • A new high quality, well-organized, responsive website.
  • Clearly communicated website
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • We wrote high quality guides to their products. The aim here was simple: create THE BEST online resource for each product. Learn about content writing and why it works.

Like I said – no secrets! And you are welcome to try for yourselves.

Or instead of plugging away for a year and grasping around in the dark, you can hire us – experts with a proven track record of superb results.

We’ll give you a winning marketing plan, and work to implement the strategy in as little as a month, following proven techniques that work time and time again.

A special approach

Many people think of a web agency as team of designers sat round Macs building sites. For me, this is just the first and lesser part of the job.

What’s the use of a website without the visitors?

Ask yourself an honest question: Your clients are Googling right now for products – will they find you or will they end up on a competitor website?

We can bring new clients to your websites every day.

Unlike most web designers, we specialize in building websites that dominate online search.

Here are just some of the results we have achieved:

  • Read how we consistently double, triple and quadruple website traffic.
  • We take established websites to the top of Google search in competitive sectors – gaining #1 position on Google for hundreds of different key phrases.
  • We help new companies completely dominate within their sector.

Take your website to the next level

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