How to Use SEO & Content Writing to Get Visitors Queuing for Your Website

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Today I want to dispel a common SEO myth, explain the difference between SEO and content writing, and briefly demonstrate how you can use the two to skyrocket your website visits.

SEO myth: “SEO-ing” your website will dramatically boost visitors

Having read a few blogs online, clients often ask me to “SEO” their site – like it’s a magic traffic-generating wand. This usually comes with with the expectation that a flick of the wrist will produce a meteoric rise in visits as their blog beats off all comers.

This can happen – and does – with websites that already have kickass content but are suffering an indexing issue. But this is not the norm.

Let’s face it, if search engine optimization brought instant success, everyone would be optimizing their sites… which actually they are! But often without the desired results.

And that’s my point!

If everyone is optimizes their website, everyone can’t be #1 on Google. To get real traction on search engine listings, you need something else to stand out: exceptional content. More on that in a minute.

So what’s the use of SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is about:

  • optimizing your website so search engines can understand and serve your content when appropriate.
  • ensuring your site compares well in terms of performance and user experience when pitted against competitors.

So in addition to helping Google understand what each page is about, SEO also includes metrics like page speed and responsive design. Your website cannot rank well if it takes too long to load. Your website cannot rank well on mobile if you do not have a responsive or mobile version.

SEO addresses all of these points and much more.

Why is SEO-ing your site not enough?

Popular sites rank in the top 3 places of Google for truck loads of search terms.

However in most sectors there are hundreds of sites competing for the top spots. Most of these sites are well optimized, so clearly you need something else to stand out…

…Cue great content.

Google loves great content!

If you are serious about ranking #1 and getting thousands of organic visits, you need to exceptional content that beats the pants off anything your competitors have.

Most clients will find a website by asking questions on Google. For example:

“Attractions for kids in Rome”
“What are the health benefits of avocado?”
“How to get a flat stomach”

To rank well for these searches, your site must provide THE BEST ANSWERS.

SEO is not enough: you need industry leading content that your would-be clients can’t get enough of.

How to develop industry leading content

Here is a brief outline of our proven method for developing a highly successful content strategy:

  1. Determine which products or services you want to promote.
  2. Check out the competition. In what areas can you better their content?
  3. Brainstorm – write a comprehensive list of likely questions clients search for.
  4. Write the content making sure you answer the questions directly. You can be imaginative with the format, the following all work well – comprehensive guides, instructions, classic news articles, infographics, videos and so on. Leading content is often served over multiple media channels, allowing users to watch, listen or read as they prefer.

Develop your content strategy today

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