Essential Schema that every website should have

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A report by search analysts at Searchmetrics revealed a staggering statistic – just 0.3% of websites currently use Schema. Given the relative simplicity of schema implementation and huge potential benefits to website traffic, I find this incredible.

So if you want to make your website stand out, read on for examples of essential schema any website can use and benefit from.

Essential Schema that every website should have

Why is so beneficial for a website?

A quick glance at my “Chocolate brownie recipes” search below and you the obvious benefits of using Schema Markup should jump out at you. See it?

Search results with full, partial and no Schema markup

Which link would you click on? Aside from the fact that the BBC are first in the results, they have nailed their Schema Markup. They are the only result that shows both a yummy picture and star ratings. A tempting result to click on (sorry bout the pun) and also with 654 votes, a trustworthy source.

What is logo is a SEO technique (brought about by a collaboration between Google, Bing and Yahoo). Schema gives a clear structure to your webpages, allowing search engines to provide enhanced search engine results by showing additional information such as product pictures, star ratings, product prices, dates and even events.

Websites using Schema markup stand out against competitors in search engine results which can greatly improve your website’s click-through rate and hence website traffic.

Do I have on my website

Without any technical knowledge, the easiest way to see if your website is using Schema, is to input your homepage URL into Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool. The results tell you if you have any schema on the page (green is correct Schema, red are Schema with errors – contact us to fix your schema errors).

Essential schema examples to use on any website

Below I have outlined some essential Schema (with practical examples) that is useful to nearly all websites. The Schema below will help you markup your brand, logo, company address and your products/ services.

Schema for your Logo

Original logo code:

Logo code with Schema Markup:

You can find out more about schema for logos here

Schema for your business address

Original address code:

Address code with Schema Markup:

You can find out more about business address schema here.

Schema for your products and services

Use the same code whether you offer products, services or both – Schema makes no distinction. Below is a simplified product example.

Original code:

Code with Schema Markup:

You can find out more about schema for products and services, with more complete example that uses client reviews and ratings here. As not all websites have reviews and ratings, they did not make this essential list of Schema.

Schema for social networks

As shown in the image below, social networks can now be shown in search engine results pages – an attractive and colourful way to make your brand to stand out and gain clicks.

How your social networks look in SERPs

Use the structured data markup below to show your social networks in search engine results. Currently the following networks can be shown in search results: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn and Myspace.

Original code:

Code with Schema Markup:

You can find out more about schema for social networks and updating Google Knowledge Panel .

Need schema for multiple location business?

Click here to get essential schema for businesses with multiple locations.

For help choosing the correct ItemType for your business (above I only used the generic “Organization”), open up this spreadsheet (on Google Drive) and scroll through to find your business sector and the corresponding Schema / itemtype.

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