Fixes for big, high-traffic websites that crash at peak times

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A huge website with thousands of articles and millions of monthly visits is what most businesses dream of.

But what can you do if your site keeps crashing during peak times?

I’ve seen it, and it is frustrating, not to mention profit destroying.

Just as a post goes viral or you get featured on mainstream news, the high traffic crashes your site. At a time when your hard work should be paying off, you end with nothing. Major bummer!

Common problems of high traffic websites suffering downtime and crashes

I’ve worked on a number of such sites, and it can be difficult to troubleshoot the cause: often there are several issues.

Here are common problems that can cause a website crash at peak times:

  • Large websites become bloated with code, plugins, images and video, which slow down page loading and the server.
  • Inefficient code with too many requests jam and crash the server.
  • A bad web host or hosting configuration. You need a hosting plan that can handle large spikes in website traffic.

How to fix website crashes and avoid downtime

Don’t get down – there is always a solution.

The worst case scenario is rebuilding the site with a new CMS and importing your old posts. But it is often more straightforward

The first thing you need is an experienced web developer to analyse your site and identify the source of the problem. The solution is likely to be one or a combination of the following:

  • Spring cleaning your site – updating your CMS, fixing code, cleaning your database, streamlining code, removing redundant plugins and code.
  • Fixing errors and bugs.
  • Reducing server requests.
  • Speeding up your website – reducing image sizes, caching.
  • Moving to a more powerful hosting plan that can handle your high traffic volume and as well as spikes in traffic.

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