Key differences between English and Italian SEO

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SEO is search engine optimization?

So English and Italian SEO are the same?
Well yes, and no.

If you have great Italian content before translating and optimizing your website and content for the English speaking market (or vice versa), here are some important differences you need to know.

4 things to know before you producing content writing and SEO in English

1. The English market is very competitive

There are approximately 100 times more English websites to Italian. So perhaps for every competitor in Italy your English language site will have 10.

2. English language search is more advanced – choose content writers who know their stuff!

Most testing and advances in search engine ranking algorithms are all done first in English. So there is a definite lag in algorithms reaching Italian search engines.

Make sure your SEOs and content writers are up to the job!

3. The English market is larger = more investment to get results

If you can hack the English language market, the rewards are of course larger. However with all that extra cash floating around, firms invest aggressively in SEO and content writing to get results.

4. The web is relatively saturated in English language info, so niche-up or innovate.

You can find a vast amount of high quality information online in English about almost anything. To compete in organic search, your articles, guides, blogs, vlogs, infographics etc. will need to be at least as good as the best out there.

One of the best ways to do this is specialise in a niche area or find a way to innovate: do something that has not been done before. This last one can be difficult – I know, I failed many times in the past before a formula for success.

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