Creative examples of animated gifs in eCommerce and branding

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Examples of animated gifs - attract your audience with animated gifs

What is an animated gif?

An animated gif is essentially a set of images stuck together in once file to make a film-like sequence.

Advantages of animated gifs:

  • Your images have an extra dimensions = more possibilities
  • Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text.
  • Quick page loading – animated gifs are lightweight respect to video.
  • Your message stands out from plain images on the same page due to the animation effects
  • You can pack more information into one space
  • They get more shares on social network than plain image equivalent.
  • In marketing terms, they are a powerful way to highlight a call to action (the eye is drawn to the movement in the image).

Problems with animated gifs:

There are two disadvantages to animated gifs. Firstly, they are limited to 256 colors, making them inappropriate for animation styles that require smooth gradients and many color changes. Secondly, whilst they work on your website, Pinterest, and Google Plus, Facebook does not yet support animated gifs (the animation will not work on Facebook).

Creative examples of animated gifs

Essenza di Riviera 100% natural Cosmetics

We were looking for a way to express the wide range of colorful and original products from Essenza di Riviera. Using an animated gif allowed us to cram lots of information into one lightweight picture (file size 43kb).

Examples of animated gifs - Olive oil cosmetics

Giovanna Malacarne luxury art panels and paintings

Remember that visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text. Using a still room with moving artwork is a very effective way to underline exactly what the artist does (without having to say anything). The call to action at the end is very clear.

Examples of animated gifs - Giovanna Malacarne luxury art panels

Save the Sumatran Rhino

Canadian clothing brand Harmony’s collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund to save the Sumatran Rhino. This gif walks the audience through key information, before making the rhino disappear – a powerful effect that could not easily be achieved with a simple photo. This gif really plays on the fact that a picture(s) tell a thousand words.

Disappearing Sumatran Rhino - save the species

The Harmony Bali Yoga and Fitness Retreat

A simple advert for a fitness retreat to Bali. Again, the animated gif offers a very clear call to action.

Harmony Bali health, yoga and fitness retreat

Cusp Spring Collection

Cup use a minimal movement to bring a photo alive.

Cusp Spring Collection

Cusp Lookbook

Cusp here again, using an animated gif to present their Lookbook

Cusp Lookbook

Catwalk photographers

Just the photographers move in this photo. A clear example of how an animated gif can draw attention to a detail.

Catwalk photographers

Animated gif for branding

Chanel use an animated gif to focus attention on their brand. The plain logo, and black and white image are perfect combination for an animated gifs.

Examples of animated gifs - Coco Chanel use an animated gif to focus attention on their brand

Maise – appealing to a wider audience

We don’t all have the same tastes, so why limit your audience by showing only one color? A good display of the products in different colors will satisfy more visitors and help them in their choice. Maise use an animated gif showing their bag in 3 colors – this is far more likely to attract a wider audience than simply showing the bag in one color.

Maise bag in 3 different colours

Charity work

A simple animated gif to highlight our work for charity. The flashing numbers and letters draw attention of the viewer to call’s to action.

Jeyjoo charity websites

Free stock photos

An attention grabbing animated gif. We developed this gif to publicise a blog article. It had previously had 12 shares on Google Plus (in several years). We revamped the blog, with an animated gif to attract attention, and received 300 shares in 24 hours.

Free stock photo galleries

And for fun…

Awesomeness (if that is a word).

Jeyjoo web design awesomeness

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