How to Boost Profit 20% by Getting a Holiday Rentals Website – Rather than Relying on AirBnb

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Way back in 2015 when a client asked me to build this website to advertise their Italian holiday rental homes, my first thoughts were they were mad!

When you can use Airbnb to fill your rentals year-round, why throw away money on your own site?

Happily… after some reflection the answer came to me!

I am going to show you why it makes economic sense, and why so many landlords are creating a website to market their holiday rentals, as well as advertising through platforms like Airbnb, Booking and HomeAway.

The advantages of your own property rental website

The advantages are purely financial.

Online booking platforms charge 15-20% per booking. So if you can channel would-be-guests or returning visitors through to your own website, you stand to make 15-20% more on your lettings.

For example, if your rental business makes you £20,000 a year, that equates to an extra £4,000 a year – in most cases, comfortably covering the set-up costs of your new website.

Can I do it? … wont this pee off Airbnb?

It’s a free world – and there are no rules against it.

In fact, Airbnb are acutely aware of this: whenever you make contact with a customer or landlord, a short message states that it is better to remain within their booking system, and avoid direct contact through your personal email.

But again – there’s nothing stopping you from doing it.

The only downside is you miss out on the security offered by rental platforms through payments and damage insurance. Though if you ever do suffer damages it is difficult to reclaim anyway.

Tips for driving customers to your holiday letting website

As you cannot add a web address or phone number to your Airbnb listing, you need to give customers an alternate way to find you online (hint – use a unique name).

  1. The major vacation home letting websites dominate Google search, and that is where the market is. So register your holiday homes on at least one of them – Airbnb, Booking and Homeaway. If in doubt, just go for the biggest player in your country.
  2. Choose a unique name – this is key, and will allow any web savvy user to search for you on Google and easily find your site of the same name (step 4). Thousands of landlords are now doing this.
  3. Complete your profile, add beautiful pictures and set competitive pricing inline with similar properties in the area. It is also a good idea to start building up genuine client reviews to attract customers to your listing.

    (these first 3 steps are all you need to ensure good visibility and potential bookings)

  4. Set up your holiday lettings website using the exact name you chose in step 2.

That’s it!

Steps 1-3 get you the visibility, step 4 provides customers a way to Google you.

Tip – don’t be greedy. Remember that Airbnb is a great platform and they are giving you unprecedented access to the lettings market. Besides, curating a trusted, visited profile with lots of bookings and positive reviews on AirBnb is important and will encourage more people to stay with you.

See what we can do for you – Get a quote

Apartments, B&B, guest house, holiday home or villa – it doesn’t matter – we craft beautiful accommodation websites that boost your profit.

It makes sense!

  • Manage all of your holiday rental properties and the associated bookings from a single website.
  • Earn 15-20%
  • Property availability calendar
  • Mobile friendly, beautiful design, search friendly – your guests will love you!
  • 2 weeks to set up!

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