101 Tried and Tested Blog Post TITLES that STAND OUT

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2 million new blog posts are written every day

How the heck can you stand out?

Given that the vast majority of readers enter your website from either Google or Social Networks, a catchy headline (and an intriguing image) is key to grabbing a reader’s attention.

Newspapers have been doing it for over a century – now it’s your turn to get creative! Today I want to share with you some of my favourite blog post titles.

Tips for creating “clickable” post titles

  • Be honest – your title must reflect the article. Misleading your audience is counterproductive – if people start to hit the back button and leave your page, Google will stop indexing you.
  • Specialize. The web is saturated with great blogs, so it’s hard to rank well for generic keywords. Don’t be afraid to be specific and blog about niche subjects.
  • Short catchy titles work best. Longer post titles lose their punch. Google will also truncate meta titles over 55 characters so be concise.
  • To stand out more use CAPITALS or ♥ novelty characters ♥
  • Include keywords to optimize the article
  • When finished, read it over – would you click a link with that title?

Post titles for Guides

Writing online guides to products or services is my favourite SEO tactic for generating enormous website traffic. Here are some simple, but effective blog post titles:

A Comprehensive Guide to _____
The Step-by-Step Guide to _____
The Ultimate Guide to _____
The Beginner’s Guide to _____
The Business Owner’s Guide to _____
The Advanced Guide to _____
The Complete Guide to _____
The Essential Guide to _____
The A-Z of _____
All You Need to Know About _____
Everything You Need to Know About _____
Why ____ Beats ____ Hands Down
____ Vs ____ : the Buyer’s Guide to _____
____ or ____ : the Best Choice for [person/role]?
____ or ____ : How to Choose the Right _____?

Pick you target audience!
Specify your target audience in the title to get higher quality of reader and better click through rate. Common target audiences for a blog post:
beginner’s guide, professional’s guide, advanced, housewife’s, stay-at-home dad’s, business owner’s, small business owner’s, website owner’s, eCommerce owner’s, shopper’s, blogger’s, lawyer’s, etc.

How to

I love possibility questions – they create a real positive vibe around your post. First off, the title automatically assumes that something can be achieved, and that it can be accomplished in a number of elegant or intelligent ways.

How to _____
How to _____ like a Pro
How to _____ Like a Boss
How to _____ in # Easy Steps
How To Get More _____
How to increase Sales with _____
How To Completely Change _____
How To Tell If _____
How I [achievement] in _____
How _____ Can Boost Your _____
How to _____ The Right Way
How to Choose a _____
How _____ Can Inspire Your _____
How to Get Rid Of _____
What to Do With _____
The Simplest Way to _____
The Best _____ to _____

Numbers/ lists

People are seriously attracted to numbered lists. Psychologically the concept of a finite list creates the feeling that something can be completed and achieves. People get addicted to box ticking exercises.

Useful variations!
Interchange the following nouns to vary your title:
tips, tricks, ways, hacks, tactics, questions, tasks, things, ingredients, tools, instruments, signs, signals, trends, facts, myths, mistakes, errors.

# Awesome _____
# Astonishing _____
# Inspirational _____
# Influential _____
# Surprising _____
# Thought Provoking _____
# No-Nonsense _____
# Most Popular _____ of All Time
# Must Have _____ for _____
# Ways to _____
# Lesser Known Ways to _____
# Innovative Ways to _____
# Guaranteed Ways to _____
# Proven Ways to _____
# Creative Ways to _____
# Foolproof _____ Ways to _____
# Most Effective Ways To _____
# _____ Hacks You’ve Never Heard of
The # Best _____ to _____
The # Golden Rules of _____
Remember These # Rules Before _____
The Top # of _____
# Tips for _____
# Pro Tips for _____
# Resources to _____
# _____ that will make you [verb]
# Insane _____ That Will Give You _____
# Types of _____
# Good Reasons You Need _____
# Things Your _____ Doesn’t Tell You
# Things Wikipedia Doesn’t Tell You About _____
# Things That are Wrong with Your _____
# Things to Consider Before _____
# _____ That Will Stop You in Your Tracks
# _____ That Will Make You Think
# Things that will make me _____ in 10 seconds
# Things that will make me _____ on the spot
# Things that will Blow You Away
# Things I Wish I had Known Before _____
# Things You Didn’t Know About _____
# Things You Should Never Do _____
# Things You Need To Know Before _____
# Things To Do _____
# _____ to Buy for a girl with Everything
# _____ to Buy for a _____ expert
# Manly Things To _____
# _____ We Love
# Questions You Should Ask Before _____
# Signs You Might _____
# Signs of a Great _____
# Reasons You Didn’t Get _____
# _____ that will Save you Time
# _____ that will Change your Life
# _____ Every [person/role] Should Know
# Essential Ingredients of _____
# Essential _____ Every _____ Should Know
# Essential Tips for _____
# Best _____ of [Year]
Pick of the Week – the # best _____
# Trends to look out for in [YEAR]
# Tools to Help You _____
# Amazing _____ To Try Right Now
# _____ Every _____ Should Know
# Secrets Every Serious [person/role] Should Know
# Habits of Successful [person/role]
# _____ I Learnt When _____
# Facts About _____
# Main Advantages of _____
# Most Common Mistakes _____
# Myths about _____
# Greatest _____ of All Time

Experimental – Currently Trending

These titles are popular on social networks due to high click-through rate. They are often used to mislead people, which is spam and plain annoying – so please only use these attention grabbing headlines ethically and when appropriate!

When She ____ her Reaction was Priceless
See What Happened When ____
You Wont Believe WHat Happened When ____
# epic _____ fails
The Ultimate _____ Cheat Sheet
What No One Tells You About _____
Is this the best _____
Is this the World’s Ugliest _____
_____ to Shock Your Friends
Amazing _____ Secrets You’ll Want to Tell Your Friends


How good is your _____? Take the test!
Editor’s Pick Of The Week
The _____ Reader’s Choice
_____ Best Practices
Is _____ Really _____
Why Are _____?
Are the _____?
What a _____ Really Looks Like
Where to Find _____

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