How to attract more website visitors in Monaco and the French Riviera

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How to attract more website visitors in Monaco and the French Riviera

How would you like to boost website visibility and attract more website visitors in Monaco and the French Riviera?

Yes it’s possible!

One of the most effective ways to do this is by completing your company profiles on the main geo-location websites – and today I will share with you a list of the most important geo-location websites for businesses in the Riviera.

What is Local Search?

Local Search is what we do when we want to find something online in a certain geographic area. Try Googling “Real Estate Agency Monaco” – Google will provide you with localized results, indicating the precise location of businesses on a map.

30-40% of all online searches are now local.

How to attract more website visitors in Monaco and the French Riviera

Local search is fundamental for any business in the Riviera looking for more exposure and to grow their internet client base. There are two main benefits of local search optimization:

  1. Increased website visibility and clientele from your town and surrounding area.
  2. It is a good way to cultivate a better brand image and show that you are a reliable, trustworthy business.

To see this in action, try Googling “Italian restaurant in Monaco” and you will get a Google Map with pointers, as well as lists of sites such as Trip Advisor and If you’re business is not on these lists, it is difficult to attract any clients and you miss out on a the huge internet market. To further increase visits to your local business website an optimized profile with lots of positive reviews are important.

The best geo-location websites in the Riviera

Here’s a list of the most important sites where you can create your business profile, add photos, and curate your customer reviews. If you’re serious about getting increased visibility and clients from Monaco and the French Riviera, take 10 minutes to add your business to each of these sites.

Google My Business

1. Google My Business

Registering on Google My Business is one of the most important SEO steps you can take to attract more visitors from the surrounding area. You can manage your business details from the My Business control panel, and update them at any time. Once registered, your business will appear on Google Maps, and start to benefit from increased visibility on Google Search.

How to add your business to Google My Business:

  1. Visit Google My Business.
  2. Add your main business name, contact details, web address and photos of your physical shop, office or store.
  3. You will then be asked to verify your address either by SMS or a postcard that Google will send to you via post (this can take several weeks).

Official instructions here. View a complete profile here.

Bing Places logo

2. Bing Places for business

Visit Bing Places and follow instructions to register. First you will be asked to check if a your business is already listed to avoid duplicates. If your business is not already registered, complete the process – it will take about 10 minutes. A postcard will be sent to your premises for verification purposes. If your business is already listed, you can claim the listing.

Bing is the second largest search engine in France – with about 3% market share – by registering here, you are probably setting company aside from many competitors who neglect Bing.


3. Yelp France

First off, check that your business is not already on Yelp. Then proceed with Yelps very simple registration system. Choose carefully the category that best fits your business – this will later help clients to find you.

Yelp is widely used by people in the riviera looking for a restaurant.

Yelp listings are extra important as Apple and Bing both use Yelp as their Maps partner.
Pages Jaunes

4. Pages Jaunes

Pages Jaunes and Pages Blanches offer free and paid listings for your business. Pages Jaunes is designed with Businesses in mind. A free listing on Pages Blanches is a great way to get extra mobile clients, and also reach the sizable proportion of clients in the Riviera who still prefer to use the printed phone book.

To add your business fill out your details here with your exact name, address and phone number.


5. FourSquare

Foursquare is another popular in the Riviera hotel, restaurant and entertainment sectors. Add your exact address and telephone as written on your website. You can also add links to your website, Twitter and Facebook pages, so take advantage of this!

You will be asked to complete the registration with telephone or email verification.


6. Hotfrog

Adding your Entreprise to Hotfrog is quick and easy. You will be able to update your details and add photos in minutes. For extra exposure, you can create special offers.

You will need to verify the account via email confirmation.

Sar of Service Logo

7. Star of Service

Frequent Googlers in the Riviera may have already come across this website, which is particularly well indexed for local services such as plumbers, electricians and decorators.

Add your website, making sure to first choose the most suitable category and then the services you offer (you can select many services). Verification is by email or phone.

Local Search for Riviera Tourism (hotels, restaurants and travel)

As far as search and the internet in general go, the tourism and catering sectors are years ahead of other industries. Here are the most popular citation websites specifically for tourism and entertainment:

Tripadvisor France


TripAdvisor is the biggest site in the world for tourism and essential for any hotel, restaurant or bar looking to compete online in the crowded French Riviera. Adding your Entreprise to TripAdvisor, you will get the added benefit of being listed on websites that use Tripadvisor as reference.

To claim your listing, visit Tripadvisor, select your line of business, and fill in all of your details as well as you can. If you add any photos, make sure that they are excellent, even inspirational!

Important: your success on TripAdvisor will depend largely on your reviews (and consequently standard of service). Hundreds of 5 star reviews can make a business very lucrative. logo

Booking is another giant travel and tourism website.

Profile registration is free Booking, but for any client reservations made through Booking, you will be charges a 15% commission (which is competitive when compared to rates other websites offer). Payments go directly into your account, and will invoice you monthly for their commission payment.

Booking is widely used around the world, so a good way to tap international markets.

Want more website visitors from abroad? Our multilingual optimization is tailored to do just that!

What business information should I add online?

The more original and complete your profile – the better. A complete and well-written profile should attract more visits from a wider range of search terms. As an absolute minimum add:

  • Exact legal company name, as it appears on documents and your website
  • Full address: remember, Search Engines are computers and so will never be perfect. If you have your address written incorrectly on a website, this will confuse search engines that will not know which address to index – affecting your rankings.
  • Telephone number with international dialing code
  • Your web address: a linking up your profiles to your website is called “bridging the gap”, and a great way to get cross-platform traffic to your website, as well as looking more professional.
  • An informative, fun and inviting company description. Write clearly and concisely who your are and what your do. Try and use key or buzz words, that people are likely to search for- Your description is your chance to stand out from competitors.
  • Add your opening hours – this is particularly useful for mobile internet users who may be out and about looking for something to do.
  • Professional photos of your business. Businesses who add profile photos get more hits. Only use stunning professional photos showing your business and products in their best light. Poor quality photos are counterproductive and the quickest way to turn clients away.
  • Where possible add all your products and services, with links back to the relevant pages on your website.

Bonus advice

Here is some extra advice to help you attract more website visitors in Monaco and the Riviera.

  • How good is your website? find out here with our quick easy to use website healthcheck.
  • Check your company address and phone number are clearly visible on all webpages, and marked up with Schema.
  • Check your NAPS (name, address and phone numbers) are consistent across the web. Absolutely no errors or old business addresses!
  • Make a habit of checking and replying to customer reviews and citations.
  • To check your optimization and localization are correct, feel free to contact us for a free quote and professional advice – we are experts in SEO and web design.

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