Why is content writing so important for my website?

Well structured, carefully-written content can greatly increase visitors to your website. Investing in content writing will bring new visitors to your website in 3 main ways.

How content writing will bring more visitors to your website

Why is content writing so important for my website?

1. More visitors from Google search

Search engines have become very good at judging the quality of websites content and ranking it. If your website has the best answer to a question, then Google will send visitors to your site whenever internet users ask that or a similar question.

Crucially, if users spend time reading your content, Google will see this as a MAJOR POSITIVE SIGN that you know what you are talking about, and index your website for a broader range of search terms.

Conclusion: the more high quality,unique content: the more visitors you can expect.

2. You will receive more social shares

Interesting, original content gets more shares on social networks, further increasing your visibility.

3. More website referrals

If you have exceptional content, OTHER WEBSITES WILL WANT TO LINK TO YOUR CONTENT.

Industry leading content will even get you referrals from high traffic news sites. This can spike your website traffic through the roof.


To benefit from content writing aim to become the online authority for information in your sector. Make sure your website covers everything anybody would want to know about your products - common questions, answers, services, how to's, user guides, tips and latest news.

As your website becomes a fountain of all knowledge, people will clamour to mention and share your pages with their followers and search engines will index you.