Should I update and maintain my eCommerce?

eCommerce updates and maintenance

The short answer, YES

Any website software should be kept updated, particularly if it is eCommerce as they involve payment and storage of other personal information.

Why you should keep your eCommerce up-to-date:

  • To help prevent hacking, malicious attacks or data theft.
  • To remain compatible with the latest website plugins and your web server.
  • Your online store will have the latest styles and layout.
  • It is hard to get website support on old versions of software. Forums and product developers will only provide support for latest releases.

eCommerce updates and maintenance

Our eCommerce pass a rigorous testing and use template overrides allowing quicker and easier website maintenance than a normal website.

Whenever a new version of your software is released, we will update website to ensure you are running the latest technology and a secure website. We also keep online and offline backups as extra precaution.

Please contact us here for advice and a professional opinion.

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