How to choose a good web agency in the French Riviera

French Riviera Web Agency

Website quality can vary hugely from one Web Agency to another. As a business owner it can be difficult to choose between two agencies in the French Riviera. We suggest the following tips:

  • How is their website? Is it easy to navigate? Does it convince you to invest in their products? Is it current and up to date?
  • Look through their portfolio to get a feel for their work. Do you like their work? You can browse our portfolio here
  • Visit a website they have designed and put it through our hugely popular website health test. The tests are easy to use and give a clear idea of how good your web designer is.
  • Check their client reviews. What do their own clients think of them. Here is a link to our client reviews.
  • Make sure that they understand your business and have experience working on projects like your own. Many businesses in the riviera are based on Luxury, Real Estate, Yachting or Tourism. Ensure your web agency has good experience in these sectors.
  • Do they have experience building multilingual websites? Due to the multinational and multicultural nature of the French Riviera, multilingual website design and optimization are usually high on the wishlist of most businesses.
  • Are they punctual and easy to reach? A website can take several months to produce, and often work is ongoing, so a good working relationship is a useful indicator of future success.
  • Finally arrange an interview and don't be afraid to ask challenging questions or put the agency on the spot. Good web designers are happy to answer even the most difficult questions. You can contact us here.

Why choose Jeyjoo?

Our websites meet high international standards - this is entirely voluntarily as we pursue excellence. We have a highly skilled team to support your requirements, be it advertising campaigns, SEO, graphic design or website photography. Still not sure - take a look at our portfolio - a showcase of projects for businesses around the world.