How much does an eCommerce store cost?

The cost of building an eCommerce depends on lots of factors including the number of products, languages and quality of the finished store. So to calculate the cost to build your eCommerce you will need to first work out your eCommerce requirements.

The cost of a basic eCommerce

How much does an eCommerce store cost?

To provide a starting estimate, a single language basic eCommerce with 50 products can cost anything from 5000 €.

What you should expect to pay for your eCommerce

Most companies will require a more sophisticated eCommerce to attract the visitors and market share they need to compete. Small and medium sized companies will be looking at costs in the Euro 8,000 - Euro 20,000 range. This can rise significantly for the Luxury sector due to the time required to produce high end graphics and photography.

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What adds to the cost of building an eCommerce

To budget for you eCommerce, we have listed the most significant factors that affect the final cost.

Principal factors affecting the cost of an eCommerce

1. How many products do you have?

Consider that an eCommerce can have anything from 1 to thousands of products. Each page requires carefully laying out with professional photos and well written optimized texts.

2. Do you need to write content from scratch?

Do you already have texts ready. If you are serious about success, then it is fundamental to get your texts restructured for the web and optimized by a SEO expert. Creating interesting, original and optmized texts will set you apart from competitors and bring more visitors and sales in the long run.

3. Do you have high quality product photos?

To sell online, you will need to show your products in their best light. If you don't have already have professional product photos you should set aside budget for product photography.

4. Customizations and complexity of the design

Make a list of personalized featured that do not come as standard with an eCommerce software. For example customized forms; integration with other platforms such as mailing lists, POS system and social networks; or template overrides.

5. Will your eCommerce be multilingual?

For each language you will need translations and professional content writing. An extra language will add 15% - 30% to the cost of an eCommerce.

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6. Which countries do you want to target?

Your store will need configuring to take orders and calculate postage to each country you wish to target.

7. Do you have strong competition in your sector?

The most overlooked factor in pricing an eCommerce is the amount of online competition. Do a quick search competitors selling similar products. Are you competitive on price and delivery times? How will you produce a better platform to beat your competitors?

In a competitive sectors such as fashion, luxury, automobiles, yachting or real estate - you will need to invest more heavily in marketing TO MAKE YOUR eCOMMERCE STAND OUT. Similarly, in less competitive markets, you can get away with a smaller investment.

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