How much does a website cost?

To answer this question, first consider that the time taken to build a standard website can vary from a couple of days to several months to build, and that quality of a website can vary enormously from one Web Agency to another. To put a cost on a website you need to first weigh up a number of important points.

Cost of the most basic website

The simplest form of website is a static site built with a Content Management System (CMS) such as Wordpress or Joomla. Using a basic template design to save on customised design, this can cost anything from 1800 €.

Whilst this may be a suitable solution for a non-commercial website, most small-medium sized businesses will require a far better equipped website to get the visitors and market share they need to compete in their sector - with costs starting in the - Euro 5,000 - Euro 15,000 range.

What about the free online DIY website builders?

There are a number of free DIY website building programs. These probably are an option for a non-commercial activity such as a school project, but for any business looking to beat grow and compete online, the skills and experience of a professional web agency are a must.

Factors that add to the cost of building a website

  • Size of the website. A website can have anything from 1 to hundreds of thousands of pages.
  • The type of website. Some of the more complex websites we have build include eCommerce (customers can pay for goods on the website), Marketplaces (multi store eCommerce), an Auction websites, Help Forums and Social Networks.
  • Customizations and complexity of the design
  • Personalized featured such as customized contact forms, slideshows/ presentations, product photography etc.
  • Translations and content writing
  • Website optimization to attract more visitors (SEO)
  • Probably the least considered factor in pricing a website is the amount of online competition. A lack of competition makes greatly reduces the cost of producing a competitive website.