Has my website been properly search engine optimized?

Has my website been properly search engine optimized?

Does my website already have any on-page SEO?

Even with little knowledge of SEO, here are a few quick tests you can do to check how well optimized your website is:

  1. Our hugely popular website health check includes some of the best SEO tests on the web.
  2. You can pop your website homepage URL into Google's Structured Data Tool to find out if your website is using Schema.org. Schema.org is an important SEO markup language used to improve your website click through rate and any competitive website should be using it.
  3. Use this blog post to test if your website has been optimized correctly for search ranking pages. Each page should have clear, well written titles and descriptions. Page urls (links) should be human readable and keyword rich.

SEO techniques are constantly evolving, so if you have not had any website optimization done in the last year, then your website could benefit from SEO - you can request a SEO review here.

How do I know if my SEO agency is doing a good job?

It can be hard for a site owner to understand at first glance how well your website has been optimized. However there are a few checks you can make by yourself to see if your SEO agency has done a good job on of optimizing your website:

  1. Generally speaking, you should if your agency have done a good job. Are you getting many website contacts / sales by email or phone. Does your agency keep you informed and regularly provide useful tips and advice.
  2. Check your Google Analytics reports (if you don't have direct access, your web agency will be able to set you up). Check the obvious - are website visits on the up or going down? Which are your best landing pages? Are any pages not getting as much traffic as you think they should?
  3. Run through our hugely popular website health check to establish how well your site is currently set up.