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Last modified on Wednesday, 16 March 2016

This blog is as much for personal reference as it is for website owners wanting to promote their site. Whenever I produced a new website, it must pass our website health check, before being shared on the social networks and submitted to CSS galleries.

What are CSS galleries?

Most modern websites are designed using CSS3, a code that is responsible for the way a website looks. CSS design galleries are websites that showcase the best new CSS websites. Designers use these websites to get their daily dose of inspiration, and business owners to seek out new web agencies.

As Google evolves and moves away from using traditional keywords to rank websites, having a great looking CSS3 designed website is becoming an important factor in getting to the top of search engine rankings. Kick-ass CSS design helps create a sticky website - which will keep people on your website for longer whilst also increasing your social shares and new visitors.

Benefits of submitting your website to CSS galleries

  • Extra backlinks to your website
  • More visits: the extra backlinks will lead to more visits, kicking off the "more visits - more shares - increased time spent on website - better search positioning - more visits" cycle.
  • More publicity for your website (particularly if actually manage to win one of the Site-of-the-Day type awards).
  • More work for your designer (let's face it - he/she deserves it if they got you this far).

CSS Galleries by PageRank™

If you are going to look for extra publicity through CSS award sites, then submitting to the highest ranked websites will provide the best return. A website's PageRank is a number from 0 (low) - 10 (high), used by Google to rank websites in their search engine results. PageRank provides a fairly accurate indication of a website's importance.

CSS Drive CSS Drive

Despite the outdated design and layout, the prize for highest PageRank goes to CSS Drive, part owing to the age of the website (a comparative fossil - est. 2004). CSS Drive Pagerank Time taken to submit: 2 mins

CSS Mayo CSS Mayo

CSS Mayo is a well known website with website acceptance as difficult as submission is easy. CSS Mayo Pagerank Time taken to submit: 2 mins

The Best Designs The Best Designs

The Best Designs has a quick submission and credits the designer with a backlink and Tweet. The Best Designs Pagerank Time taken to submit: 2 mins

Unmatched Styles Unmatched Styles

Unmatched Style have a quick submission form (no screenshot required). Designers can use the website to get constructive criticism on your work.Unmatched Styles Pagerank Time taken to submit: 3 mins

CSS Based CSS Based

CSS Based is a leading gallery, though it does have a longer submission form that includes a mandatory screen shot. CSS Based Pagerank Time taken to submit: 10 mins

CSS Winner CSS Winner

One of the larger CSS showcases where submissions enter at entry level before being voted through to 'nominee level' and finally, 'award winning level'. A panel of 9 pick the monthly winner. CSS Winner Pagerank Time taken to submit: 8 mins

Divine CSS Divine CSS

Divine CSS has the quickest submission process of all galleries in this list, but you will have to be really good to get features. Divine CSS Pagerank Time taken to submit: 3 mins

Make Better Websites Make Better Websites

Make better websites has a very simple submission, though the criteria for actually getting featured are strict. Make Better Websites Pagerank Time taken to submit: 30 seconds :D

CSS Awards CSS Awards

CSSA has a quick and easy submission and one of the easier sites to get accepted onto. CSS Awards Pagerank Time taken to submit: 3 mins

Style the Web Style the Web

StyleTheWeb is categorized CSS3 web design gallery on the go since 2006. Style the Web Pagerank Time taken to submit: 4 mins

CSS Elite CSS Elite

Quick and easy submission (no screen shot required), and easy entry standards (XHTML and non-responsive designs are still accepted) but no designer credit given. CSS Elite Pagerank Time taken to submit: 3 mins

Pay per submission galleries by PageRank™

Awwwards Awwwards

Awwwards is the leading paid-per-submission website. I like the community spirit of Awwwards, a place where designers can get feedback on their work, debate and sharing knowledge. Awwwards Pagerank

CSS Mania CSS Mania

CSS Mania has been around since 2004 and although it claims to be the most visited CSS showcase, the fact that it is now pay-per-submission and stronger competition, this has most probably changes. CSS Mania Pagerank

CSS Design Awards CSS Design Awards

Until it recently went per submission in Autumn 2013, CSS design awards was the most popular awards site on the web one of my favourites. It still boasts over 1,000,000 monthly visitors, though this may change significantly. I notice the PR has also dropped significantly. CSSDA Pagerank

How to get your website submitted for you

As part of our web design standards, we submit our new designs to CSS galleries to give our new websites a flying start. If you don't have time to submit your website, CSS Gallery List will submit your website to 100 galleries at a small cost.

Questions, missed galleries, personal favorites - I look forward to hearing from you. Just a final thanks to MyFavouriteGadgets who power all PageRanks scores on this blog.

Mike Fitzpatrick

Mike Fitzpatrick is the founder and web developer at Jeyjoo web design. He works with both individuals and companies to grow their businesses online.
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