Social media checklist for small business

Last modified on Sunday, 16 March 2014

Most individual companies and small business owners don't have time to site all day on social networks (you have a small empire to run), here is a neat checklist that allows you to use social networks quickly and efficiently.

Rather than wasting valuable time working out what you posted, where and when; use these guidelines for small businesses to ensure that you cover the main bases. Depending on your time available and how long is takes you as a person to carry out all the tasks in the checklist, try and complete the whole cycle either daily, weekly or monthly.

Infographic courtesy of: The Whole Brain Group.

1. Your blog

Blogging and more importantly content marketing are hugely important to every online business. Your blog should be where your organic online marketing efforts begin. Whether you blog daily, weekly or monthly will depend on your resources, but each new blog post must be marketed on social networks at regular intervals to ensure a continuous stream of website traffic (at least once a month). Unless you are a high visibility website, your blog will not market itself - you have to do it - so follow the timetable in the remaining steps below.

2. Facebook

Post regularly, even twice a day - a mix of your own content, and the best of what you find on the web. To increase your engagement mention people and encourage likes and shares. Like 5 new pages a week.

3. Twitter

Tweet 3 times a day to circulate your own blogs, thoughts or whatever you find fun and interesting. Retweet 2 pieces of interesting content a day. Follow 10 new Twitter users a week.

4. Google Plus

Grow your circles by adding 5 new people a week. Circle people and businesses you find interesting, informative or in some way relate to. Who you follow will largely determine your Google Plus experience. Host a Hangout or offer Helpouts. If you are not sure what Helpouts are and what they can do for your business - read here.

If (like me) you find Google Plus an fruitful way of sharing content and increasing website visits, read this Google Plus starter guide

5. Pinterest

To increase your engagement and visibility, add 6 new pins, follow 5 new inspiring boards or pinners and comment on 5 pins you find interesting a week. Add new boards regularly. Make sure pins to your own websites contain links to your site and add a map location to increase your traffic.

6. Youtube

Youtube is the more difficult of these to follow and producing video can be more time consuming. If you do use youtube, be sure to engage - follow new channels and add your own (productive) comments to the videos of others.

Final thoughts

If you are struggling for time, concentrate on just two of these social networks, one of which must be Google Plus. Read this Google Plus starter guide to find out what you should do in your first month on Google Plus, and all the reasons why Google Plus is so important for your website.

Remember that this is just a social media checklist for businesses and websites - guidelines to help you find your feet. If you have the time and resources, consider upping your efforts. The more you engage, have fun and be yourself, the more success will come your way.


Mike Fitzpatrick

Mike Fitzpatrick is the founder and web developer at Jeyjoo web design. He works with both individuals and companies to grow their businesses online.
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