How to get a completely different look from one photo

Last modified on Wednesday, 16 March 2016

This is a quick post showing you how you can bring new life to old photos for use on your website. If you are redesigning your website or company image and do not have access to new photos, this article is for you. I will show you a few basic techniques that we use, when we do not have the time or resource to shoot new images. Of course, we also offer professional product photography (read here).

The original photo

A simple point and shoot photo taken in Milan's famous Piazza del Duomo.

Original image

Black and white

Particularly if your photo has dull and unexciting colours, try draining the colour away completely and work with a black and white photo. As we shall see below, this will lend itself well to adding a drop of colour or call to action button later on your website.

Same image without any colour - black and white images

Draw attention to one detail in the photo by highlighting colour

In this photo we have drained away all colours leaving behind just the red. This draws attention to the red Metro signs in Milan, and a famous brand of sunnies that unfortunately we are not being paid to advertise.

Same image with just red colours left in - rest is black and white

Instagram filters

Depending on the flavour of your website Apps like Instagram offer some great filters that will give your pages a different feel. The image below uses a Seppia filter.

Image with Seppia filter to create an older /sophisticated look

Blur the image and add a Call to Action

The image below has been blurred out,turned to black and white and then I added a few bright buttons over the top. This effect is extremely popular in social media and website design at the moment. The blur removes the emphasis from the picture (whilst maintaining that Milan vibe) and forces the user towards the call to action buttons (which push the user towards a new page, product or some other marketing goal).

Blur the image and add a Call to Action

Use image as background to your products

If you have access to Photoshop, and some good product photos, you can place your products over the top of the background image. This can give a completely original touch to your branding.

Product advertising

Shape your image

With an image editor, you are limited only by your imagination!

Image cut out as text

Composite images

Experiment with different ways of framing your image.

Original photo inside a computer screen

Need professional product photos?

Of course, you may want to start afresh with new photos of your product or business. For more information on our photo shoots, please read here.

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