10 Good Reasons Why You Need a Multilingual Website

Last modified on Tuesday, 29 March 2016

So you're thinking of adding an extra language or two to your website? Maybe you evaluating the benefits for your business or need to put a business case to the boss.

Here are some convincing why you should have a multilingual website:

1. You get a larger market

Suppose you add Italian and German to your website, you immediately expose your business an enormous market of about 60-80 million internet users.

2. You can tap emerging markets

Online markets such as the United Kingdom are relatively mature and even saturated in some sectors. Competition is tough. Eastern and even southern European markets such as Italy are still “coming online”, shoppers are only waking up now to the fact that they can buy online. By targeting emerging markets, you can ride the wave of growth in these growing markets.

3. A second language is cost effective

When compared to opening up offices or a branch in another country, adding a second language to your website is extremely cost effective.

4. Beat your competitors

Face it: if you don’t expand your business, your competitors will beat you to it. Successful businesses have always sought to stay one-step-ahead of their competitors. A great way to differentiate your business from competition is by being first into international language markets.

5. You achieve economies of scale

You are already running a business, maintaining a website, producing content and marketing your company: doing so in a second language will only require a fraction of the effort - increasing your productivity.

6. Reduce your exposure to one market

By targeting international clients your business becomes diversified, you no longer have all your eggs in one basket. Just because your home market dries up, having exposure to say French, German or Chinese markets may actually help your business grow.

7. Gain customer trust

Many European internet users can get by with an English language website. But nothing beats having the website in your native language. Customers feel more at home in their native language and this creates an added trust – an essential factor in online sales.

8. Search engines will love you

Content is King. Having an optimized multilingual website in and search engines such as Google, Baidu (China’s favourite) and Yandex (Russia) will get your website indexed in each region you target.

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9. Clear sign of ambition

A multilingual website not only looks professional, but sends a clear, confident sign of your ambition – to customers, search engines, and even potential investors and business partners. It is Your business setting Your stall out and saying - This is who We are, what We are doing and exactly where We are going.

10. You become the Customer orientated business

Having a separate language website for each nation, first off shows that your company cares. But it also allows you to market your website to regional tastes. You can tailor your texts, images and blog posts to reflect the local culture. Small adjustments can make a big difference.

Great we want in! Now how do we get a multilingual website?

We already have a website and want to add a language

Most modern website CMS like Wordpress and Joomla offer ways to add extra languages. Your web master may be able to do this, but it is advisable to get the services of a multilingual web expert.

We need a new multi-language website

Just starting out – no probs! We've worked on hundreds of multi-language websites and can advise you in minutes on complicated issues such as multilingual domain names, website structure, and regional targeting. Contact us with details of your project for free and non-binding quote with professional advice.

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Mike Fitzpatrick

Mike Fitzpatrick is the founder and web developer at Jeyjoo web design. He works with both individuals and companies to grow their businesses online.
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